Guide on Moving Truck Rental


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How to Choose a Moving Truck Rental Company?

Guide on Moving Truck Rental

Renting a truck for your move is a great way to reduce the cost of your move by conducting it yourself. It also gives you more control over the date and time of your move. Choosing a moving truck rental company can get complicated as there are so many different options to choose from. When beginning your search for one of these companies, make sure you look for the following to avoid any complications.

1. Customer Service

Customer service is a priority when looking for a truck rental company. A company is nothing without good customer service. Good service shows that they care about their clients and are always willing to accommodate them. Active listening is a big part of customer service. If the company is ready to hear and respond to your questions and concerns in a polite and timely manner, they are a great option for your move.

2. Client Feedback

Client feedback is very important when choosing a moving truck rental company. Client feedback comes from real people with actual experiences with the company. You can find client feedback by looking at Google or Yelp reviews. Make sure they have over 4 stars on 5 and that they don’t have too little or too many reviews. Too little reviews (under 5) may indicate a lack of experience and too many reviews (over 500) may suggest fake reviews. 

3. Online Bookings

Online bookings are a convenient way to save time and money when moving. If the truck rental company has online bookings, you can be sure they have an advanced system that let’s them do this. It is mostly the very large companies that have these systems. Online bookings facilitate your move, but they do not determine whether you should choose a company or not. Many smaller companies are excellent and do not have these systems. Some others prefer to speak to their clients on the phone before booking to clearly explain the details. 

4. Storage

Many moving truck rental companies offer additional services like storage, moving supplies, and more. If you’re in need of these services, it is good to book these and book your moving truck at the same place to save time and money. However, booking with a storage company like Vaultra Storage separately, is also convenient as they are storage specialists and you can be sure they have the knowledge and experience to accommodate you. In fact, Vaultra Storage was ranked as one of the best storage companies in Niagara Falls by MovingWaldo in 2021. 

5. Large Fleet of Trucks

Several truck rental companies focus on a variety of other services as well. This means they may not have a large fleet of trucks for rent. Choosing a truck rental company with a large fleet of trucks assures they can accommodate your needs and not run out of trucks on the day of your move. 

6. Location

Location is crucial when renting a truck. You definitely need to be in proximity to the truck rental location if you want to avoid overpaying for each kilometre you use up. It is also preferable to be close to the location so that you can quickly pick up and bring back your truck to stay ahead of schedule. 

7. Website

These days, a website is a must for every company. The truck rental company’s website should be easy to navigate and should be updated frequently. The website should definitely not look like it has not been updated for over a decade. It should have a clear about section, an inventory section (truck section) and a contact section. 

8. Packing and Moving Supplies


Moving Supplies

Packing and moving supplies are a must for every move. Choosing a truck rental location with these supplies will allow you to save time instead of running around to find supplies. Just pick them up at the same time as you pick up your moving truck.  

9. Insurance

Truck rental insurance is a must when choosing a truck rental company. It is very unlikely that your own personal insurance will cover your truck rental. There’s already so much stress when moving, so choose a company with insurance and make sure to take it even if it is not mandatory to avoid overpaying for even the smallest scratch. 

10. Availability

Truck availability is really important as it can delay your move. Prior to your move, check the company’s inventory online or call them and make sure that the truck you want is available on the day of the move. Book the furthest you can in advance and if possible, up to one month before. 


When choosing a moving truck rental company, it’s very convenient to try booking as many services as you can in one place. Most companies have storage and moving supplies at the same place so it’s a really good time saver to book them all together. Always make sure client feedback is over 4 stars and never book a company that doesn’t offer insurance or you could be in for a surprise. If you’re thinking of skipping the truck rental, make sure you choose one of the best moving companies in Niagara Falls. Trustworthy moving companies will have very similar qualities to those listed above. 


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